Sunset AcroYoga Outdoors - 2 Ninja Workshops Under the Dome!

And we're BACK!

Michael Ken aka Acroloonies is an Acroyoga addict and life enthusiast who teaches acro workshops all over.

Lyly Tran aka @Silly.Lyly has a passion for the movement arts, doing martial arts for 12 years, aerial arts for over 2 years, and partner acrobatics for over a year.

MIchael has weekends booked conducting workshops all over the region, Lyly is traveling from the US where she does workshops across America.

For this Wednesday, they will merge superpowers to give us AcroYoga outdoors under the dome at sunset!

Weds, Feb 22:
- AcroYoga I - 6-8pm --> will acro through sunset!
- AcroYoga II - 8-10pm --> will acro inside so we can see who we're climbing on :)

We'll ease into it conducting fun warm ups, drills, and partner calibration to take on the NINJA STAR + FUNKY variation for the first workshop, and a STANDING ACRO FLOW for the second.

No prior experience necessary, no need to come with a partner, no mat needed -- just the right spirits and attitude to have fun and get over your fears.

Fun, flexibility, strength, balance, communication, trust. Find that all in yourself and in others.

Acroyoga is more than fitness, more than breaking a sweat, more than yoga, more than acrobatics. It’s a way to make the most of this world as a playground. It’s a way to have fun, to laugh, to try, to communicate, to receive kindness, to trust our playmates, to commit to supporting them. In a huge, stunning open air dome under the sky with the breeze, what better playground than here? (And imagine the pictures!)

Michael’s style is Flow. “I don’t see acroyoga as pose 1, then pose 2. I see the middle, the 1.5. Because if you can stop between 2 poses to maintain control, then any acro pose will be within grasp.”

And Lyly resembles a strength in gentleness and ease. She'll soothe you to try even the scariest poses you'd deem impossible, and talks you through it as if you've done it all once before.

Flash sale - Buy 1 class, get the 2nd one 40% off!

- 1 ninja x 1 class = rm50 / OR / 2 classes = rm80
- 1 class x 1 ninja = rm50 / OR / 2 ninjas = rm80
- 2 classes x 2 ninjas = rm150

Early bird ** buy by end of Tuesday:
- 1 ninja x 1 class = rm45 / OR / 2 classes = rm70
- 1 class x 1 ninja = rm45 / OR / 2 ninjas = rm70
- 2 classes x 2 ninjas = rm135

*** Please comment in the FB event which class you'll attend: https://www.facebook.com/events/1520028571359362/

See you there or don't be a ninja star!

What people have to say about last week's acroyoga with AcroLoonies:

"The little tips Micheal gave really helps a lot despite just being small adjustments. I realise its a lot easier to do certain things with those tips in mind. That moment when you get the position right everything just clicks and kinda feel like you won't fall no matter what. It was pretty fun basing people that are heavier than me especially the other 2 as well." ~ James Lee

To note:
* Car park lot available
* Located right off the Taman Jaya LRT - 1 stop from Universitii (Bangsar South), and 4 stops from Bangsar
* In the event of RAIN - we got you covered - we'll practice inside in a space just for us: http://bit.ly/xerogravityindooryoga
* Sorry guys! This time I won't be free after for dinner - but you guys are more than welcome to!

*Also why not come earlier to rock climb?! ;)
Open 10am - 8pm on weekends (weekdays: 4pm - 10pm)


- For Uber/Waze, just key in "Xero Gravity Rock Climbing Gym" or "PJX HM Shah Tower", car park available under the dome. Use the same car park elevators to floor 9.

- For LRT - "Taman Jaya" - 1 stop from Universiti (Bangsar South), 4 from Bangsar, 5 from KL Sentral. Once you get off you'll see a building with a dome (in pic). Go down 2 stairs to the street level/A&W, and cross the street

--> When you arrive at PJX building, turn left and go to the first set of elevators for car park, go to floor 9. You can ask guards if needed to get to Xero Gravity rock climbing.

Xero Gravity Rock Climbing Gym #: 03-7611 0381

Wed Feb 22, 2017
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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Xero Gravity Rock Climbing Gym
1 ninja x 1 class SOLD OUT RM50.00
1 ninja x 2 classes SOLD OUT RM80.00
2 ninjas x 1 class SOLD OUT RM80.00
2 ninjas x 2 classes SOLD OUT RM150.00
1 early ninja x 1 class SOLD OUT RM45.00
1 early ninja x 2 classes SOLD OUT RM70.00
2 early ninjas x 1 class SOLD OUT RM70.00
Venue Address
Xero Gravity Rock Climbing Gym, Level 9, PJX HM-SHAH Tower No. 16A Persiaran Barat, Section 52 Petaling Jaya, 46050 Selangor Malaysia
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